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Why You Should Animate Your Logo

Fantastic Marketing Asset

If you animate your logo, it is a fantastic asset for your company and shows your brand has teeth. It does need to be well-crafted and professional looking and Instagram is the ideal place to display an animated logo. People look out for interesting logos, animated profiles that give the browser to your profile the impression you are some technical wizard.

The recent introduction of video looping has been a wonderful addition to Instagram users and businesses should look to find out how this can fit in with their profile in a dynamic way. Your logo is important. As a brand asset, it is vital that as it makes you recognizable and professional. It is the first thing that potential clients will see and we all know how that first impression counts volumes.

Memorable and Unique Visual Appeal

It is possible to pimp up your promo videos on Instagram with a looping animated pitch on your direct feed. It will definitely raise your brand awareness. There is also something unique about your logo animation – after all, no other business or profile will have something like it.

You have a brand, and you have more than likely placed a lot of time and money in promo videos highlighting your products or services. But add more professionalism to your video by adding an introduction loop and an outro too. It gives consistency and rubber stamps your brand time and time again.

Animating your logo is not expensive with FIS and when you realise that marketing costs often soar, it is a good thing to know having an animated logo won’t break the petty cash till. An animated logo can be used in many different ways but the cost is a simple on-off payment that can be utilized for years.

Use your animation anywhere!

An animated logo can be used in many different ways and over a long period of time. With Instagram specifically, it brings a lot of value because instagram is high profile, has millions of account holders and gets ludicrously high amounts of traffic. Use your animated logo as a short video, if you like. It can be used to form part of your Instagram story.

It does not matter what style or type of video content you are placing out there on social media, you need to use an intro to present your logo and create brand awareness. It is a call to arms, in a sense and the resulting action – you would hope – is to send traffic to your website and Instagram account.

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