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Why Video?

Video content marketing is rapidly taking over the traditional forms. Business videography seems to be promising for all types of business – even small businesses can easily use video content to boost target audience visibility.

Most businesses that were using the traditional content marketing strategy have adopted the use of video content marketing and with more companies joining the trend. The reason behind this swift change can be traced to the fact that video content is a more versatile and profitable marketing tool than traditional content.

Below are some reasons why video content is speedily taking over 2D traditional content in marketing and business development.

Video Content is Highly Engaging and Helps Build Trust

Videos ignite emotions and can easily grab the attention of the target audience by using audiovisual elements.  Animated explainer videos can be customized to make the audience feel that the video was specially made for them which can help to generate a high level of identification and build trust. Promotional video content can nurture trust since some consumers are skeptical about certain online products for fear of being cheated. However, with a compelling video, a business can present its products in an engaging and appealing form.

Video Increases Conversions and Sales

Videos can generate more money for businesses. Research shows that adding a video to a landing page can boost conversion by 80%. When there is an explainer video for a product, it leads directly to sales as 74% of customers will likely purchase a product that has a high quality explainer video.

Videos Can Easily Be Shared

Videos are the most shareable forms of content marketing. Due to its engaging nature, people are motivated to share it with their clique, and this means free advertising of the product – meaning more leads and sales. Traditional text, however, does not provide such benefits.

Video Makes Information More Understandable

In this era of technology, many people prefer watching videos than reading long and boring content. Videos help users digest information more quickly without boredom, unlike traditional content that tend to be dull and difficult to understand.

The demand of high-quality videography from every business is growing tremendously and time will come when companies that refuse to adapt to video content strategy will lose to other players. With the help of PCs, smartphones, iPads, laptops and other internet accessible devices, customers now expect video content from any website they visit.

Video has become an indispensable part of our web activity and learning to produce good and quality video content is the key to the potential success of any business. Soon companies without a video content on their website would not be able to withstand the heat.

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