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Why logo of Facebook is blue?

Mark Zuckerberg is a red-green colorblind! It means that the color he can see best is blue. "Blue is the richest color for me," Mr. Zuckerberg once told the New Yorkers magazine. Is it a coincidence that all Facebook's logos and designs are in shades of blue? Well, FIS doesn't believe so! Every decision in a logo design is intentional. Every color choice is integrated and in uniformity with the brand story and the logo's inspirations. Below are some general guidelines on what each color could represent! 

  • Multicolor or color spectrums: Diversity and Inclusion, suitable for large organizations.

  • Yellow: Clarity and Warmth, with an over arching Optimistic feel.

  • Orange: Friendly, confident and Amicable, suitable for cheerful media brands.

  • Purple or Pink: Highly Creative vibe and modern feel, suitable for imaginative brands.

  • Blue: Authority, trustworthy and showing strength, suitable for professional service firms.

  • Green: Peaceful, Environmental and Growth, suitable for all firms with a similar vision. 

  • Grey or Black: Trust, Balance and Calm, a very neutral undertone. Suitable for industrial and high tech firms.

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