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Why logo of Apple is half bitten?

I am sure you have all heard about Newton, Alan Turing and all other mythical explanations about Apple’s logo of an eaten apple. Well, when Steve Jobs didn’t like the original design by Ronald Wayne, he asked Rob Janoff, another graphic designer for a try. The rest is history. According to designer Mr. Janoff himself, he designed it for two reasons:

  • He wanted to play a pun on the word “bite” and “byte".
  • He didn’t want people to confuse it with a tomato or a cherry when miniaturized.

Interesting! Every design has a story, and FIS believes that designing a good and lasting logo is a result of a design process that involves communication and inputs from all parties. That is why FIS offers unlimited revisions on all design services to ensure the best design experience for our clients and ultimately the best design. Let us be part of your next big idea!

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