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Why is a professionally designed logo important?

A logo is important. It is a combination of text and images that has two distinct advantages for your business. It lets people know the name of your business and gives out an imagery and visual aspect that tells the headline story of your company.

Take a look at some of the more famous logos and think about how you associate those labels with a certain company or business without the need to see the actual text: the Nike tick, is one example where if you saw that tick anywhere – be it on a t-shirt, a sports bag or other apparel – you know that it is Nike. And yet, there is no need to even see the letters that make up the company name.

Customers Warm to a Well-designed Logo

Potential clients are more likely to buy into your product or service if you have a well-designed logo that has been professionally designed. If you try to design it yourself in Microsoft Paint, there will be those who see it and think: how on earth can this business deliver quality for me when they have hashed it on a desktop PC? And they will have a point.

The text on your logo needs to be clear and easily readable. Massive corporations all started out with a logo, and then advanced from there. It will be displayed on your company fleet, above the doorway on your building and will be seen on your website. It has to be instantly recognisable.

Think about the places where your company logo could appear, and then realise that it has to be done professionally:

  • Screens
  • On top of posters and letters
  • Packaging
  • Advertisements in magazines, newspapers and periodicals
  • Signage on shops, buildings and offices
  • Vehicle fleet
  • Business cards
  • Billboards

Logos are a challenge to create as they have to have the right gradients, colouring and hue. Only a professional designer would know what fits and what looks right. A logo also has to appear like something that promotes your brand.

Most logos use solid colours and often more than one example can be created by the professionals, allowing for a customer to choose the best one or a preferred design. The best way forward is to get your logo designed by a professional service. There are other options, like graphic design shops, printers and software where you can do it yourself but these concepts can be problematic. Software, for example, can be clunky and baffling to master.

Is FIS the right choice?

Have a look at some of the previous examples we have produced in our gallery. FIS also provide full range of design services, like business cards and poster designs, as a legitmate design firm often does. Have a look through our large portfolio of previously-designed logos and see if FIS is the right choice for you.

FIS offers Rebranding

The task of a logo is to connect people to the brand. A logo will trigger emotions with those who might be your next client. However, if your current logo doesn’t seem to be working and you think your business could do with a rebranding exercise.

Many businesses – even established ones – have tried a rebranding exercise and there are those that have even changed the name of its product. It is not for everyone, but if your business seems to be flagging or in need of a boost, it’s a good reason to see if your logo could do with a change or a simple touch up. 

At the end of the day, your logo design is as important as the services you may offer, or the product you may sell; a great logo can turn around a lot of important things for you and your company. Please check out FIS - Found in Shanghai and all our logo design service offerings. We'd be honored to design for you!

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