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What Makes A Great Tattoo Design?

People get tattoos for various reasons. Some do it in memory of someone special in their life while some do it as a way to express their creativity. Indeed, through the passing of time, tattoos have become a form of art and are an artist’s way to show what they feel. So, what makes a great professional tattoo design?

Hand drawn

We cannot deny the fact that a hand drawn tattoo has more appeal than one that is drawn
using a machine or software program. It also takes more time to do it by hand which
allows you to sense the artist's love for the design and the piece as a form of art. FIS tattoo design services offer exclusive hand-drawn designs by professional artists. Be sure to check us out when in need of the perfect design!


For sure, as someone who is planning to get a tattoo, you would want to have a tattoo that only you have unlike getting a tattoo with the same design as everyone else. That is why FIS only offers customized designs. After all, tattoos need to be designed especially for you. This also provides you the guarantee that the final results will be satisfactory.


How can you expect a good design from someone who only copies the work of others? There is a need for you to know that a great tattoo design only comes from a creative mind and that is something in-born. Being creative is a talent that takes years to hone, which means getting a creative tattoo is not something you would ever feel ashamed to let others see. In fact, it is something that you can proudly show off to your family and friends.FIS has an extensive selection of professional tattoo artists based in Shanghai, which means creativity is never in short supply in this epic urban metropolis.


A great tattoo design is a personal choice. After all, a tattoo is on your body for a very long time, unless you choose to get it removed. Nevertheless, this does not necessarily mean that you should create your own tattoo design as there are many tattoo artists who can help you transform your brilliant idea into a stunning design. You can even select whether you want full color designs or traditional designs. FIS offers an immersive design experience, diligently taking in your input throughout the process!


Tattoos are created and designed for our eyes to marvel on and so, great tattoo designs are beautiful to the eyes – beautiful in a way that the symmetry, shape and techniques used are carefully chosen. The colors are perfectly balanced and the placement of the tattoo has been greatly considered. In addition to that, it contains the meaning that the wearer wanted it to reflect. So, in other words, a great tattoo design is the work of the technical skill of the tattoo artist.

So, if you have plans of getting a tattoo, you need to consider all of the things mentioned above. You need to hire a tattoo artist who is capable of providing you a design that possesses all the traits mentioned. With that being said, you might as well consider Found in Shanghai – a company who is known for offering professional tattoo designs from the top tier Shanghai professional artists.

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