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Tiered FIS Professional Designers

Designer Tiers

Our contracted designers are all college graduates in the field of design. They qualify for Junior level designation when they pass reviews by their seniors after a minimum of three years of industry experience. Senior level designers are promoted from the juniors based on portfolio merit and staffed in team leadership positions. These two levels are identical in their rigorous training programs. However, the difference often lies in the understanding of your project.

Every industry group or audience group has a different preference or set of traditions for their logos. Obviously, skill levels in this sense are linear with experience. Here at FIS, we understand that years do not always translate to experience. Seniors are promoted based on the merit of their portfolio. With all the juniors competing, only very talented designers emerge and ultimately be classified as a senior level.

Our Director level designers are with a minimum of eight years. They have worked with every kind of project. These are highly educated grads who entered into graphic design in and around the 2000s when China's economy was booming along with the world. With all the foreign direct investments pouring in, these generations of Director level designers are completely different than ever before. They have worked on a lot of international concepts within all industry groups. You can completely trust them to understand your particular needs and deliver the highest of end-results.

Malcolm Gladwell wrote that different generations, as the result of prevailing trends or social conditions at the time, have different opportunities or disadvantages. Evidence of this
can be seen in the silicon valley giants who were able to catch the wave of information
technology which has now completely transformed our entire economic structure. Just like how Chip Kidd rose to fame with his comic book cover designs in the 90s, FIS would argue that these Director level designers are on their way to become the world leading digital graphic designers in the age of information technology.

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Three Tiers of Designers