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FIS Accepts Bitcoins!

FIS Accepts Bitcoins for All Services!

Assay Partners, the team behind FIS, have long paid attention to the digital currency Bitcoin that got popular after the financial crisis, with each Bitcoin now worth thousands of dollars and its value is still fluctuating daily. The latest blockchain technologies enable a whole new ultra-secure alternative to the traditional credit card payment infrastructure. FIS recognizes some our clients are the pioneers or the early adopters of this digital currency. Don't worry, FIS shares your love for newest technologies and revolutionary ideas! 

Accepting Bitcoins through Stripe

To offer you the experience of using this latest payment system, FIS is proud to be one of the early online service providers to accept Bitcoins!  By integrating the Stripe secure payment system with our existing Shopify ecommerce security infrastructure, FIS offers you the latest payment option using your Bitcoins!

Do note: Bitcoins are volatile in value. Purchase at your own risk! 

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