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Design and Animation Service Terms

Well qualified professionals based in Shanghai will customize to your needs, and the final delivery will be completely unique with inseparable quality. Canadian run company headquartered in Edmonton, Canada, with local office in Shanghai, China to locally source the best talents. We strive for the most honest and pleasurable service experience with quality delivery. But there is always a chance that we can't make you 100% satisfied. Well don't worry, we got you covered.

Full Money Back Deadline Guarantee:

Full refund if we miss a deadline. Every 24 hrs after confirmation of receiving all required information counts as one day. For example, if we promised any services to be completed in 4 days, then order confirmed on Monday morning at 10 am will have the deadline to turn in scheduled work on Friday 10 am. We will not be a minute late! We count Monday to Saturday as work days.

Still not completely satisfied?

With unlimited revisions included in all design services, we at Found in Shanghai truly believe we can satisfy your need 100%. We also understand there is always room for improvement. We offer you 50% Money Back when you cancel at Any Time during the service process prior to the final revisions process, final draft selection, or final delivery of product or master vector files.

We apologize, shipping Time cannot be guaranteed. We have not yet mastered such high-level wizardry. Lucky for us, we are your trusted professional services provider. Our delivery is always on-time and instantly to your email! After Receiving physical products and still don't like them? We are sorry. Since FIS only offer customized products designed only for your project, we will not accept refunds after order is under production. Long Canadian Soooorry.


Revisions can be braod in scope and unlimited revisions mean you can take your time to review! However, revision requests can not include, but not limited to, makeing significant and material changes to orgingal service requests or delivered drafts. All updates of original service requests made after order confirmation will be treated as an entirely new order and therefore requires repurchase of service. Please be assured that if any deficiency in quality or violation of guaranteed service conditions, we will be more than happy to refund and cancel the order for you!

FIS advise you to provide all your specifications, as any instrumental change after order confirmation, such as changing the name altogether, maybe treated as a separate design.

Copy Right Issues

Our clients will absoutely own the copyright to the final design. We can supply you a greyscale version of your design in case you need to trademark. FIS also offers complete international trademark services with comprehensive trademark search!

You are however completely responsible for any copyright issues that may arise as a result of using our services. It is your responsibility to investigate any possibilities of copyright infringement. There are companies set up to help you do this. Found in Shanghai can not be held responsible for any issues that may arise after delivery is made.


All communication will be through email exchange. Each email will be replied within 24 hours. Revisions will have a maximum 48 hour turn over period. It usually is within 24 hours.

Want to ask a question quickly? Message us right on your browser. You can also email us at Info@FoundinShanghai, or call us at 1-888-499-7111!